Spotify’s tastemakers create 17 specialized podcast playlists


Spotify’s curated playlists are a treasure trove for music lovers seeking out new tunes and tracks they already like — now that easy discovery is coming to podcasts. From today, you’ll find editorially-curated podcast playlists covering all sorts of topics, including true crime, food, celeb drama, science and more.

The playlists will be curated by Spotify’s local content curators and updated regularly. Three flagship playlists will take center stage — Best Podcasts of the Week, Crime Scene and Brain Snacks — with 14 additional playlists bringing up the helm. So whether you’re into generic comedy banter or something altogether more niche, you won’t have to scrabble around the internet any longer to find something worth listening to.

It’s not an entirely surprise move. Spotify has long shown its commitment to both personalization and — after investing a hefty sum in them last year — podcasts. It’s already implemented a “podcasts for you” feature, and has been experimenting with curated playlists since June 2019. The platform has made clear its plans to become the king of podcasts — this new addition is just another tool in its arsenal to help achieve that.